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Our Projects

Outreach Peru works with trusted partners in Peru on practical projects that make a real difference to local communities. These are some of our partners and some details of the impact their work makes. in 2019, Outreach Peru is supporting 11 projects of which here are two.

1. A Children’s Home in Ayacucho

Providing the children with one simple thing: a childhood

Outreach Peru has worked in partnership with the Ayacucho Children’s Home almost from its foundation in the 1980s. Administered by Sisters from the Congregation of the Hijas de Santa Ana, This Home, which once housed over 200 orphans, is now restricted with the passage of time to 35 orphans and children in care from 0 to 10 years old. It is the only Home allowed to take 0 - 2 year old babies in the entire Department of Ayacucho, as these abandoned babies need specialised care, often for extreme malnutrition. Now the basic annual foodbill is covered by Outreach Peru with your help.

Father Alex asked Sister Amanda former Director what her hopes were for the children.

“People arrive with babies and children that have been abandoned. We find babies on the doorstep, on the street or just left in the park to die. This is more than a refuge. It is a home where the children can start to feel like real people, to have Christian and moral values and be able to make the right decisions in their lives. They start a journey towards maturity.

"During this journey, we will walk alongside them. Through everything we try to offer them the love and attention that they crave. We always listen and try to help. We are there whatever else happens. We value their lives.”

A group of Worth students visited the Children's Home in July 2016. Read about their visit HERE

2. Fe y Alegria ("Faith and Joy") schools provide quality education

Creating new futures out of poverty for girls and boys

Outreach Peru works with Fe y Alegria, which provides schooling in the poorest and most marginalised parts of Peru, both rural and urban. Each year we fund a different school or network depending on the necessities. For the last seven years, we have supported the construction of a new school in Tarma in the Highlands of Peru

Father Alex asked Señorita Victoria Geldres, the Principal of a Lima primary school on the edges of our former parish of San Benito, Lima, what the school was hoping to achieve:

“The children are at the heart of the school’s philosophy and we try to develop them as whole people. We succeed well here and the children get a quality education because our approach is for the children, parents and the teachers to work together, talking about family relationships, parenting and sharing values. We feed the children well; they can only learn when they are not hungry. We encourage girls to come here and work with the children about their national identity and their roots. We see that as important to developing their self esteem.”

Father Alex asked Señor Maximo Ventura, a father of five children, what his hopes were for his children at the school:

“I want to give the best to my children; the only inheritance I can leave them is education. I can only get so far. With this education maybe they can get further. I work for them.”

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